Airports and Airplanes Launches

Today is the start of something that we hope will give aviation fans a new place to come for news, rumors and information regarding the commercial aviation industry and the airports that make it run. 2011 looks to be a year of tremendous growth for commercial plane makers as global demand starts to increase as the world recovers from the Great Recession hangover. And with the Boeing 787 entering its final test phases and the Airbus 350 beginning its production and testing phase, it has never been a more exciting time to go to your nearby airport, press your face against the glass and watch the next generation of commercial airplanes take flight. We are still putting the final touches on the design of the site but please check back in the days and weeks to come as the content starts rolling! There will be a lot of news in the year to come and we’ll be there to cover it. We hope you enjoy Airports and Airplanes as much as we enjoy creating it.

-Airports and Airplanes

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