Airbus Surges Past Boeing at Last Minute for 2010 Orders Lead?

Reuters reported on Friday that it now appears that when all of the final jet order tallies come in, 2010 will mark the third year in a row that Airbus has beaten Boeing in gross and net orders for the year.

As 2010 came to a close, it appeared that Boeing would finish the year with more commercial jet orders than Airbus for the first time in three years but thanks to some additional orders in December, it now appears EADS, parent company of Airbus, will be celebrating another year of order supremacy over its American rival.

The total orders a company receives is generally symbolic as airlines often adjust orders after they place them and most transactions don’t go into either company’s books until the plane is actually delivered but it serves as another blow in the PR department to Boeing as the company attempts to get its much-delayed 787 certified and delivered to customers after more than 3 years of delays.

The news yesterday caps an impressive week for Airbus as the company secured an order from Indian airline IndiGo for 180 A320s (150 of which will be the new A320neo) which is the largest commercial jet order in aviation history.

Update: We will know for sure who won more orders in 2010 when Airbus announces its official numbers for the year on Monday. Boeing already announced their numbers back on January 6th with 530 net orders for the year. While many outlets are now reporting that Airbus did in fact win more orders in 2010, it is still unclear which of their recent orders will count for 2010 or will rollover to 2011.

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