Boeing to Resume FAA Testing on 787, Updated Schedule to Follow?

Despite mixed reports today that Boeing was pushing back 787 testing to tomorrow, the company announced tonight that it had, in fact, resumed FAA certification testing today in Yuma, Ariz. according to The Seattle Times.

Boeing grounded the 787 test fleet back in October after an electrical fire broke out in the second of its six 787s being used for testing. That fire lead to speculation that Boeing will not be able to meet its current delivery goal of delivering the first 787 to Japan-based All Nippon Airways (ANA) by the end of this quarter.

Many analysts are now predicting that the first 787 won’t be delivered until the second half of this year barring any new major glitches but the flight must resume FAA testing first. Boeing is expected to update its delivery schedule by the end of the month as customers have continued to voice their frustration over the string of delays.

The plane is currently more than three years behind schedule after global supply chain issues, a labor strike, and some design flaws have led to multiple delays of the highly anticipated aircraft.

Boeing re-started internal testing back in December with the plane being spotted at Denver International Airport last week but those tests were not FAA related. Today’s news seems to suggest that Boeing has figured out the electrical issues that caused the fire and is now ready to continue to prove the aircraft’s airworthiness to the FAA.

Update: The Seattle Times also reported that Dreamliner number 2, the plane that caught fire in October, resumed testing for the first time since it was flown back to Boeing Field the day after the fire.

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