Airlines Sue O’Hare Over Expansion Plans

It seems that the turmoil between Chicago city officials and O’Hare International Airport’s largest carriers over the airports planned expansion has reached a boiling point.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, United and American Airlines have sued the airport to prevent it from issuing new bonds to pay for the remainder of the project which they claim will be too costly and unnecessary.

Earlier this week The Chicago Tribune reported that Illinois Senator Mark Kirk was planning on stepping in to help moderate negotiations between the city and O’Hare’s hub airlines United and American but it appears the two airlines are refusing to budge on their unwillingness to support the remainder of the project.

O’Hare is one of the busiest airports in the world and also one of the most congested. The airport opened a new runway as a part of the current expansion project back in 2008. According to the city’s “O’Hare Modernization Program” website, the final project will include the addition of an eighth runway,  enhancements to existing runways, and a new terminal building.

The city claims the project will be completed by 2014 but with its two major airlines opposed to the plan, that timeline is certainly not set in stone.

(For more information on the O’Hare expansion, check out which offers a pretty thorough overview of the vast project)

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