Boeing: 787 Won’t Be Delivered Until Third Quarter

Less than 24 hours after it resumed FAA certification testing for the 787, Boeing announced today that it now expects to deliver its first aircraft to launch customer All Nippon Airways in the third quarter of this year.

Boeing had grounded its 787 fleet back in November when an electrical fire broke out in the second of the company’s six 787s being used for testing. The company resumed internal testing in December but did not want to release an updated schedule until FAA certification testing started back up.

Today’s announcement was not much of a surprise as most analysts did not believe that Boeing would be able to deliver the 787 by its previous goal of the end of the first quarter as the company worked on updates to the plane on light of the most recent delay.

In fact, many analysts welcomed today’s news. There had been a growing concern that Boeing would not be able to deliver the 787 until the beginning of 2012 and if today’s new schedule holds up, it will generally be regarded as a positive step for Boeing and could possibly indicate that we could see a 787 carrying passengers by years end.

Update: Investors seem to be encouraged by today’s delivery update as Boeing’s stock ended the day up %4.02.

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