Delta Leaning Toward Airbus/Bombardier For Huge Order?

Forbes has posted an interesting Associated Press article in which Delta CEO Richard Anderson hints that Boeing has some catching up to do if it wants to be included in the company’s plan to order up to 200 narrow-body aircraft.

The CEO did not say specifically that Boeing was out of the running, but his comments did seem to indicate that the company would like to see an upgrade to Boeing’s popular 737 if the airline is to give the aircraft strong consideration.

“They’re (Boeing) staying with legacy equipment, as I understand it, “Anderson said, “so they’ll be in the running but their numbers are going to have to match up against the efficiencies of the next generation airplane.”

According to the Associated Press, Delta isn’t expected to place an order until the end of year, giving Boeing time to decide on what it plans to do with the 737 whether that is engine modifications or a new aircraft altogether.

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2 Responses to Delta Leaning Toward Airbus/Bombardier For Huge Order?

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