Airbus, Boeing Pull in Narrow-Body Orders

There were three separate narrow-body commercial aircraft orders placed in the last 48 hours,two for Airbus and one for Boeing.

Alaska Airlines 737-400

According to The Associated Press, Alaska Airlines announced an order for 15 737s during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings conference call. The order includes 13  737-900 extended range aircraft and 2 737-800s expected to be delivered from 2012 to 2014.

Not to be outdone by its largest competitor, Airbus announced on Tuesday that it had received an order for 12 A321-200s from leisure travel group, Thomas Cook Group. Thoms Cook Group has chosen Airbus’ most popular aircraft as apart of its efforts to operate aircraft solely from the A320 family, phasing out the Boeing 757-200s and Boeing 757-300s that the company also operates.

Thomas Cook Group A320-200

The Thomas Cook Group order came only 24 hours after Airbus had announced that GE Capital Aviation Services had placed an order for 12 of its larger A330-300 aircraft, wrapping up a solid two day span for the European plane maker.

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