Thousands Flock to Cairo Airport to Flee Violence, Protests

CNN is reporting that several countries, including the United States, are sending special charter flights into Cairo International Airport in order to help evacuate citizens as protests continue to escalate calling for the resignation of Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak.


Cairo International Airport

Egypt has imposed a 3 p.m. curfew (down from 4 p.m. from the day before) making it difficult for many passengers to travel out of the country as airlines have begun canceling or altering their flight schedules.

The turmoil is causing a logistical headache for countries trying to rescue citizens from Egypt. There are 2,400 Americans alone who have requested to be evacuated according to the CNN article.

The U.S. has flown two flights out of the country today in order to help get some of those wishing to leave out of the country but only been able to evacuate 219 Americans so far.

Other countries planning similar charter flights to help aide citizens wishing to leave Cairo include: Canada, Thailand, Turkey, Israel and Australia which announced that a Qantas 747 would fly to the country tomorrow to rescue Australians trapped at the airport. Mexico is also considering an evacuation plan according to CNN.

Because of the small window of time to land at the airport due to curfew restrictions, and the amount of passengers wishing to leave, it remains unclear when all people wishing to get out of Cairo will ultimately be evacuated.


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