7,400 Flights Canceled Due to Winter storm

Logan International Airport during a 2005 snowstorm

With yet another major winter storm sweeping across the country, Market Watch reports that 7,400 flights have been canceled since Monday, including 4,221 so far today and an additional 2,387 for tomorrow.

The massive winter storm has caused disruptions from Dallas, where officials closed Dallas Fort Worth International Airport for a brief period this morning before partially re-opening, to Boston’s Logan International Airport where 300 flights were canceled by 9:30 A.M. according to the Boston Globe as the airport prepares for up to 18 inches of snowfall in the next 48 hours.

The Weather Channel is predicting that the storm will span 2,100 miles and affect 100 million people. Midwestern cities such as St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit are expected to receive the brunt of the storm with Chicago forecasted to possibly receive over 20 inches of snow and blizzard conditions, prompting pre-emptive flight cancellations at O’Hare International and Chicago Midway.

Passengers flying throughout the country today, tomorrow, or Thursday are strongly encouraged to check with their airline before heading to the airport as such a major storm is sure to have a peripheral effect on travel nationwide.

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