Airbus Getting A380 Production on Track, Expects to Deliver “Six to Seven” to Emirates this Year

Reuters reports that Dubai-based Emirates airlines expects to receive “six or seven” Airbus A380s this year suggesting that Airbus may finally be getting production of its super-jumbo plane on track after struggling to meet production demands since it launched the A380 just over three years ago.

Airbus has struggled with its A380 production line due to high costs and an engine shortage caused by recent problems to the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine which the manufacturer uses on some of its A380s.

Today’s news that Emirates expects to receive six or seven A380s this year is promising as it indicates that Airbus may be making progress on its assembly line which has failed to deliver more than 20 planes in a year since the A380 launched.

According to FlightGlobal, Airbus expects to deliver 20-25 A380s this year before increasing production to three per month starting in 2012.

Emirates is the largest A380 customer with plans to include 120 of the world’s largest commercial plane to its fleet.

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