Boeing Ad Slams Airbus, E.U. Over WTO Subsidies Ruling

Boeing ad which ran today in the D.C. area

Boeing is making it very clear that it believes the World Trade Organization’s upcoming ruling that the company received nearly $5 billion in illegal subsidies is actually a victory for the American plane maker.

Boeing ran an ad in a few D.C.-area newspapers today showing a large stack of money next to a very small stack of money to show that the $2.6 billion Boeing  received pales in comparison to the $20 billion the WTO said Airbus received in a ruling last summer(Depending on how the figures are interpretted, Airbus has claimed it is $5 billion, Boeing says it’s $2.6 billion).

Boeing’s corporate Twitter account (BoeingCorporate) tweeted a picture of the ad, and hashtagged “#Airbus” at the end of the tweet in a no-so-subtle dig at its rival.

The ad, which ran today, offered a very stern and conclusive response from the American company on an issue which both sides are claiming victory over. In the ad, Boeing aimed sharp criticism at Airbus:

The World trade Organization has rendered a final decision on European claims of U.S. government assistance to Boeing. In a sweeping legal victory for the U.S., reports are the WTO has rejected all but a fraction of the EU’s claims- some $2.6 billion worth. This stands in stark contrast to the WTO ruling last summer that found Airbus had received $20 billion in illegal European government subsidies to fund its family of commercial airplanes, including $5 billion for the A330/A340 aircraft, which is the basis for the EADS/Airbus Tanker.

To date, illegal subsidies have cost the U.S. tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in lost exports. Left unchecked, the cost to America and American workers will continue to rise.

Boeing ends the ad by thanking the it’s suppliers across the country and the U.S. government.

Both companies have directed harsh allegations of taking illegal subsidies toward each other over the years and it seems that there really isn’t a clear winner despite both company’s claims to the contrary.

Earlier this week, Airbus claimed victory over Boeing after it was reported that the same  WTO ruling which Boeing’s ad is based on, will show that Boeing would not have been able to launch the 787 without the aid of “massive and illegal government subsidies” illegal government subsidies once the report is officially released next week.

For now, the only thing that is clear in this murky situation appears to be that both sides are toeing a very fine legal line when it comes to subsidies and international trade rules and regulations as both have been found in violation of receiving billions of dollars in illegal aid.

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