Nearly Forgotten, Old TWA Terminal May Re-Open at JFK

The now-closed TWA Flight Center at JFK

The iconic TWA Flight Center terminal at JFK International Airport in New York, closed since 2001, may re-open as a boutique hotel according to The Wall Street Journal.

The TWA Flight Center was opened in 1962 and was known for its modern, space-like, design. It is one of the most widely-recognized airport terminals in the world, built during the heyday of “glitz and glamour” air travel in the 1960s.  As time passed, the terminal became increasingly inefficient due to its outdated design.

The terminal was closed shortly after American Airline’s acquisition of TWA in 2001. But now, thanks to a $20 million renovation by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the airport, the terminal may find a new use as a boutique hotel.

The Port Authority is trying to attract a developer to the terminal in hopes of opening a small, 150 room hotel that will preserve the look and feel of the old terminal but will better utilize the space which has remained dormant for nearly a decade.

The terminal will likely never be used for air travel again but a new hotel on the site will likely ensure that the landmark will serve a purpose for many years to come.

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