Boeing CEO Vows to One-Up A320 NEO

In the never-ending saga of “will they/won’t they?” regarding Boeing’s plans for the future of the 737, CEO Jim McNerney offered the strongest suggestion yet today when he stated that the company would likely build a replacement 737 instead of a re-engined variant of the current model Reuters reports.

Speaking at an event hosted by Cowen and Co, McNerney said the plan of EADS (EAD.PA) unit Airbus to put better engines in its narrowbody A320 will make that plane a stronger competitor to the U.S. planemaker’s 737, but Boeing aims to make a plane that can outperform the A320 NEO,

A new plane would produce greater fuel-efficiency but take longer to bring to market.

“We’re going to do a new airplane that will go beyond the capability of what the NEO can do,” he said.

An official announcement regarding the 737 is expected by this summer but with the A320 NEO picking up momentum, Boeing has been forced to show its hand as of late as customers grow more and more impatient.


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