Boeing Aims for 1% Biofuel Usage by 2015

Boeing is hoping that industry-wide usage of biofuel will reach one percent by 2015 according to a brief post in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer today.

Boeing’s director of environmental and aviation policy, Richard Wynne, told reporters Monday that the company is working with others throughout the industry toward having 1 percent of all aviation fuel come from non-petroleum sources by then. While that might sound like a small amount, Wynne says it’s about 16 million gallons – roughly what Seattle-Tacoma International Airport uses each year.

Boeing has been touting biofuels for a few years now ever since 2008 when an Air New Zealand 747 flew for two hours with one of the engines powered by a 50/50 biofuel blended mix.

Mass usage of biofuel remains several years away but with large growth in air traffic expected in the coming decades and growing concerns about climate change, it appears that many companies in the aviation industry are becoming open to alternate fuel sources which emit significantly less CO2.

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One Response to Boeing Aims for 1% Biofuel Usage by 2015

  1. I do like the way biofuel is not “going away”, but, I’m interested in hearing from the engine manufacturers about their support in it’s use. Part of my recent background was in motorcoach operations and the engine manufacturers would void any warranty on the engine if traces of biodiesel were found. Going forward let’s take a close look at how the engine manufacturers respond. -David Przybyla,

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