Deliveries Projected to Exceed 1,000 for First Time

With plenty of backorders and increases in production, the world’s largest plane makers Boeing and Airbus should deliver over 1,000 orders this year for the first time ever FlightGlobal reports.

Airlines will digest more new mainline airliners than ever before in 2011, as deliveries rise by 5% and surpass four figures for the first time.

The deliveries will be led by the company’s popular narrow-body planes, the A320 family and the 737 with narrow-body deliveries expected to account for nearly 80% of total deliveries for the year.

Despite economic downturn, 2011 should mark the second time in the last three years where deliveries broke the all-time record following a previous record high in 2009 and the second highest total in 2010.

Previously, aircraft production had peaked more than a decade ago when Boeing and Airbus delivered 914 planes but dropped significantly in the post-9/11 drop in air travel.

But if current production rates hold true, then the last three years will mark some of the most prolific in commercial aviation manufacturing history.



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