Libyan Political Situation Leads to Flight Cancellations

Just like Cairo three weeks ago, flights in and out of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, have been disrupted amid growing insecurity in the country due to recent governent protests Bloomberg reports.

British Airways, KLM, BMI, and Emirates have all announced cancellations to the city as protests over the rule of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi continue to escalate.

A few airlines, notably Lufthansa, have continued service to Tripoli, even using a larger plane than usual, an Airbus A340 in order to accomodate the increase in travelers wishing to leave the country. Meanwhile, various foreign governments have initiated plans to send chartered flights to evacuate citizens in Libya the AP reports.

Other countries said they were preparing planes to fetch their citizens, with Serbia, Russia, the Netherlands and France reporting they had permission to land in Tripoli. Libya is one of the world’s biggest oil producers, and many oil companies were evacuating their expat workers and their families.

For now, Gadhafi remains in power in Libya and Tripoli International Airport is still operational but as protests escalate, the situation is subject to change and additional flight cancellations could result.

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