Airbus Orders Drop into Negative as DAE Cancels 30

Reuters reports that a month after canceling 32 Boeing orders, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise’s leasing unit DAE Capital has cancelled 30 orders from Airbus in a move that appears to reflect the company’s over-ambitious aircraft ordering spree in 2007 before the financial collapse.

Cancellations are relatively common in the airline industry as carriers do not pay for the planes until they receive them but DAE Capital’s cancellation now puts Airbus into negative territory for the year with a net total of negative three orders.

The cancellations were split between two planes; 18 for the narrow-body A320 and 12 for the yet-to-be launched A350-900.

With the cancellations, DAE Capital now has only 11 A350-900 orders remaining and 18 orders for the A320. The cancellations come after an aggressive ordering spree by DAE Capital in 2007 which saw the company place orders for over 200 planes only to scale those orders back in the face of the economic crisis of 2008 and an increasingly murky future for the airline industry.


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