New 787 in the Works? Boeing Exec Lays Out Timetable for New Projects

With a replacement for the 737 reportedly in the works and customers clamoring for a redesign for the 777, it appears Boeing also has its sights set on adding a super-stretched 787 to its fleet within the next 10 years The Seattle Times reports.

787 with Mt. Rainer in the backgorund (photo provided by Boeing)

The new version of the 787, the 787-10 would add seating capability on par with the smallest 777, the 777-200, but would have less range than the first two models, the 787-8 and 787-9 according to senior Boeing executive Nicole Piasecki during an interview earlier this week.

With the 787-8 scheduled for delivery by years end and the 787-9 scheduled for delivery by the end of next year and plans to replace the 737 and update the 777 by the end of the decade, fitting in a third 787 variant would certainly be a tall task for a company which has battled numerous development delays to its two newest planes, the 787 and 747-8 over the past three years.

But with air travel expected to increase rapidly over the next two decades with Asian markets opening up new opportunities for plane makers, aggressive and ambitious new plane development could prove to be the key to regaining the air supremacy which Boeing has lost to Airbus in recent years.

The 787-10, and even a replacement 737 remain hypothetical at this point but with the suggestions and innuendos growing louder and louder from Chicago and Everett, it seems that Boeing is primed for rapid development and expansion of new aircraft over the course of the next ten years.

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