International Flights to Haneda Cut Only Weeks After Launch

According to French news agency Agence France-Presse, Delta and American Airlines have both announced that they will temporarily cut most of their flights from the U.S. to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport due to the instability in the area resulting from the recent earthquake and tsunami.

American will cut its daily flight between New York’s JFK International Airport and Haneda while Delta had earlier announced that is was halting all flights from Los Angeles and Detroit to Haneda.

The cuts are a major setback for the airport which has been mostly a domestic hub over the years but has been trying to attract more international flights thanks to new open skies agreements. Its close proximity to downtown Tokyo makes it an attractive competitor to Tokyo’s main international airport, Narita, which is further away from the capital city.

Haneda remains a very attractive airport for international airlines but until the situation becomes more stable in the region and passenger totals return to normal, it appears that most flight expansion plans will be temporarily on hold.

American plans on resuming flights in late April with Delta suspending them until June.

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