Airbus Beats Boeing on Quarter 1 Deliveries

Lags Behind Rival on Orders

Boeing and Airbus have now officially released their first quarter deliveries totals and while Airbus did not pull in nearly as many order as its American rival, the European aerospace company did beat out Boeing in the more closely watched deliveries category.

Airbus reported on Wednesday that it delivered 118 airplanes during the first quarter while Boeing delivered only 104.

Boeing’s deliveries were down slightly from the same quarter last year where the company delivered 108 planes but its net orders easily outpaced Airbus’ with 88 compared to Airbus’ 1.

With a healthy backlog for both companies, delivery rates will largely be tied to how fast both companies can get the planes off the production line and into the hands of customers and with Airbus only holding onto a slight lead and Boeing building 787s but not delivering them yet as they await certification, it isn’t impossible that the American company could regain its position as the world’s biggest plane maker by year’s end.

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