Boeing Re-Thinking 737 Plans?

If you’re like me, you’re getting a little sick of the “will they, won’t they” speculation that has surrounded Boeing’s decision to either re-engine its current 737 or build a brand new plane from scratch. But it’s been difficult lately to ignore the increasing chatter as yet another story out today is suggesting that Boeing may not be as confident as it was a few months ago that it is going to build a brand new plane or what that plane may ultimately entail if it is built.

According to Reuters, an announcement on the future of the 737 may be pushed back as Boeing grapples with what direction to go with its most popular plane.

The world’s second-largest commercial plane-maker appears to be “split internally” about the direction of the 737 program, said aerospace analyst Scott Hamilton from Leeham Co LLC in a blog posting.

Hamilton said the split appears to be over the potential size of the new aircraft and whether it should feature two aisles instead of just one.

Rumors over the past few months have suggested that Boeing has been toying with the idea of offering a plane slightly bigger than the current 737 but much wider, allowing for faster boarding and unloading which would allow for quicker turnaround times. But with the narrow-body market expected to be worth nearly $1.7 trillion in the decades ahead, any radical deviation from its current offering could be a huge gamble for Boeing as it looks to one-up Airbus’ A320neo which was announced back in the fall of last year.

Regardless of what Boeing ultimately decides to do, the thing that appears to be clear is that nobody, not even Boeing, knows exactly what the future of the world’s most popular commercial plane holds in store.

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