St. Louis Airport Returning to Normal after Tornado (Video)

According to CNN Flights are starting to return to normal after a tornado ripped through Lambert-St. Louis Airport on Friday causing damage to the airport and .

Not all flights have resumed however as the powerful tornado caused extensive damage at the airport’s main terminal, terminal C, where 50% of the windows were blown out.

Preliminary estimates show that a tornado packing winds between 111 and 165 miles per hour hit the airport, said Wes Browning, a chief meteorologist for the weather service, Saturday.

The tornado damaged 750 homes, Gov. Jay Nixon said on Saturday. There were no fatalities reported.

It’s “absolutely amazing” that it tore through an airport and highly populated areas and there were no fatalities, Nixon said. “We’re talking property, we’re not talking about loss of life because of this. That is nothing short of astounding.”

Video footage (below) shows a harrowing scene as the tornado passed through the airport blowing out windows and scattering debris throughout the terminal as TSA agents and passengers desperately sought shelter.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the airport is hoping to be up to 70% capacity by the end of Sunday with 100% capacity by midweek.

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One Response to St. Louis Airport Returning to Normal after Tornado (Video)

  1. Hope it didn’t disturb the controller’s nap. Wonder what the ATIS reported? Thank goodness there were not more injuries.

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