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Extra Fees added $22 Billion to Airline Revenue in 2010

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the 47 largest airlines in the world were able to add nearly $22 billion to their revenue streams in the form of additional fees added onto the cost of a plane ticket. According … Continue reading

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China Southern to Purchase Six 777 Freighters

Reuters and Bloomberg are reporting that China Southern Airlines has agreed to purchase six Boeing 777 freighters for a total of $1.58 billion.  The purchase is in response to the continued growth in the Chinese export market which is generating … Continue reading

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Iceland Volcanic Ash Cloud Subsides, Filghts Returning to Normal

Bloomberg News is reporting that flights in Europe returned to normal yesterday after volcanic ash from Iceland caused cancellations and delays on Wednesday.  The cloud of ash originated from the eruption of Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano. The Ash Cloud in Iceland About … Continue reading

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Dreamliner Delivery on Target, 737 Decision on Hold

Reuters reports that with only a few months remaining before Boeing’s stated goal of delivering the first 787 “Dreamliner” to launch customer All Nippon Airways, the planemaker is on target to deliver the first plane by September with an August … Continue reading

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Airbus Expects 500 A320neo Orders by Paris Air show

According to Reuters, Airbus is expecting to receive significant orders for its newly revamped A320, the A320 neo, by the time the Paris Air show concludes. Airbus hinted at hundreds of plane orders in coming weeks as it gave an upbeat forecast … Continue reading

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Air France Flight 447 Brought Down by Faulty Air Sensors, Newspaper Claims

ABC News reports that a German newspaper, citing sources familiar with the investigation, is claiming that a malfunction in Air France flight 447’s air sensors was the likely cause of the crash that killed all 228 people aboard nearly two … Continue reading

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Airbus Increasing A320 Production as Backlog Grows

  According to Reuters, Airbus is planning to increase its production capacity for its most popular commercial plane, the A320, to 42 planes per month, up from an earlier target of 40 planes per month by the end of 2012. Airbus is … Continue reading

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Initial Blame Being Pointed at Pilots of Air France Flight 447

Although it will be weeks before investigators will be able to fully analyze the data extracted from Air France flight 447’s flight data recorders, The Wall Street Journal reports that Airbus indicated on Tuesday that there appeared to be little evidence … Continue reading

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Air France Flight 447 Data Recovered

In what will hopefully help solve one of the biggest mysteries in commercial aviation, authorities on Monday reported that the data from the flight recorders of Air France flight 447 has been recovered. The two years it took to retrieve the recorders … Continue reading

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FAA Proposes “Significant Changes” to Airline Pilot Training

In light of recent air traffic incidents including sleeping air traffic controllers and near misses involving large passenger jets, the FAA proposed changes today that would require pilots and cabin crew members to be more prepared to handle emergency situations … Continue reading

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