Through 4 Months, Airbus Leads Boeing on Gross Orders

With a quarter of the year down, the world’s two largest planemakers have something to be happy about depending on how you look at their orders books.

According to Reuters, Airbus led the way through the end of April with 169 orders compared to 153 for Boeing. But Airbus has been hit much harder with cancellations this year so net orders for Boeing remained higher, 106 to 90.

Airbus seems to have the momentum right now as the company has been pulling in significant orders for its re-engined A320neo which will be a more fuel-efficient version of its current A320 and is due out in 2015.

Boeing however has strongly hinted that it will one-up Airbus’ A320neo and announce a brand new plane altogether sometime this year which will quickly make the upgraded A320neo obsolete.

The decisions by both Airbus and Boeing in the highly sought-after narrow body market will be critical for the two companies as a wrong gamble by either one could mean losing hundreds of billions of dollars in what is expected to be a $1.7 trillion market over the coming decades.

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