Air France Flight 447 Data Recovered

In what will hopefully help solve one of the biggest mysteries in commercial aviation, authorities on Monday reported that the data from the flight recorders of Air France flight 447 has been recovered. The two years it took to retrieve the recorders and the conditions which they had rested over the last two years had led some to fear that the data would not be retrievable and the circumstances surrounding flight 447’s crash into the Atlantic Ocean in June on 2009 would remain a mystery.

According to The New York Times, the data was carefully extracted over the weekend by authorities in France who will now spend the next several weeks analyzing it. The flight recorders provide valuable information as they record over a thousand different statistics as well as audio recordings from inside the cockpit.

Flight 447 was en route from Rio De Janeiro to Paris when it encountered a thunderstorm. Without any warning, the Airbus A330 disappeared off of radar, seemingly falling right out of the sky and into the ocean killing all 228 aboard. There has been speculation that false readings from some of the plane’s sensors caused the plane to change speed improperly, leading to the plane’s crash but until investigator’s are able to thoroughly investigate the data from the flight recorders the exact cause of the crash remains unknown.

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