Initial Blame Being Pointed at Pilots of Air France Flight 447

Although it will be weeks before investigators will be able to fully analyze the data extracted from Air France flight 447’s flight data recorders, The Wall Street Journal reports that Airbus indicated on Tuesday that there appeared to be little evidence suggesting a mechanical failure  indicating that pilot error could be the cause of the crash that killed all 228 aboard the Airbus A330 when it crashed into the Atlantic nearly two years ago.

In a bulletin sent to airlines Monday, Airbus said a preliminary readout of information about the Airbus A330 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean two years ago hasn’t prompted any “immediate recommendation” regarding the safety of the global A330 fleet.

The statement suggests that industry and government experts—led by France’s air-crash investigation bureau— at this point are focusing more on human error and cockpit procedures than problems with specific airplane components or onboard computer systems.

Both Airbus and Air France are hoping that the flight data recorders will exonerate them in the crash especially after manslaughter charges were brought against both companies in March. Those charges have created a dilemma for both companies as mechanical failure would indicate Airbus was at fault while human error would indicate Air France was at fault. But Airbus and Air France are close business partners and any insistence from one company that it is not at fault implies that the other is.

Which is probably why Airbus was quick to release the initial findings that mechanical failure appears to not be the cause while discouraging further speculation.

Analysis of the flight data recorders isn’t expected to be finished for at least a few more weeks meaning any information released right now is premature but for the time being, it appears that Airbus is quietly claiming innocence while trying to avoid blaming a key customer.

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