June Airport of the Month: Carrasco International Airport



I have featured pretty big airports so far with the possible exception of Raleigh Durham International. But even RDU averages nearly ten times more passenger traffic per year than Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay. After Airports and Airplanes contributor John visited the airport last month on a quick stopover from Argentina to Brazil, I decided the small airport with its unique architecture deserved some recognition.


Very few resources exist online regarding the history of Carrasco International Airport. The current terminal building, it’s most recognizable landmark (pictured above and left) broke ground in February of 2007. Nearly three years later, in December of 2009, the new terminal began official operations. The new terminal building has been recognized as a brilliant piece of architecture by architects worldwide and looks like a modern throwback to JFK’s TWA terminal in New York City.

As apart of the terminal expansion, the airport lengthened both runways in order to accommodate more traffic and larger planes. Because of this, Carrasco can now handle more flights from Europe and the United States. So far, the only flight to the U.S. is operated twice weekly between Carrasco and Miami by American Airlines. Iberia operates the only direct flight to Europe between Carrasco and Madrid.

The largest airline at Carrasco International is Pluna, the national carrier of Uruguay. The airport handles nearly 1.5 million passengers per year but the new terminal building has a capacity for 4 million passengers per year, making Carrasco well positioned for future growth.

It isn’t an airport that most people have ever been to and there isn’t an abundance of information on Carrasco, but it is possibly the most beautiful airport that has been featured in Airports and Airplanes and I wanted to give this little gem in Uruguay some attention. Feel free to comment below with any thoughts, stories, or tidbits of information on June’s Airport of the Month, Carrasco International.


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