Airbus Electric Airplane Makes Maiden Flight

Airbus and Australian Aviation are reporting that the Airbus sponsored “eGenius” all-electric aircraft completed its first test flight on May 26th in Germany.  The aircraft was initially unveiled at this year’s international AREO Friedrichshafen event.  The plane made a 20 minute test flight on the 26th to test the handling of the aircraft and the 60kW propulsion system.

The eGenius aircraft during its maiden flight.

Airlines and airplane manufactures will continue to look to new technologies over the coming years to reduce the dependence on petroleum and to become more environmentally friendly. Christopher Emerson, Airbus Senior Vice President Product Strategy and Market Forecast, states that, “Airbus is carefully studying all technologies available today for future alternative aviation energy sources.”

This flight comes almost three years after a Boeing sponsored plane powered solely by fuel cells completed a successful flight in 2008.

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