Paris Air Show Update: Airbus Lands 730 Orders, Boeing 142

The Paris Air show isn’t over yet but with three days remaining, Airbus has built a massive lead on its rival Boeing, landing multiple eye-popping orders the Associated Press reports.

As predicted in the months leading up to the event, Airbus’ re-engined A320, the A320neo has received the most attention at the air show. In just four days, Airbus has announced orders for 730 planes from 16 customers with a list value at $72 billion. Boeing on the other hand has announced orders for 142 planes worth $22 billion.

Boeing criticized Airbus, accusing the company of holding off on announcing deals that had already been struck in order to announce them at the air show. Regardless, the 720 orders would be a significant total over the course of an entire year and to do so in just four days is an impressive feat.

This will no doubt considerably increase the pressure on Boeing to announce its plans for the 737, the company’s most popular plane. The Paris Air Show has made it clear that customers want more fuel-efficient narrowbody planes and they clearly aren’t waiting around for Boeing to provide an answer to the A320neo. With each passing day, it seems that Boeing is losing momentum and losing orders. It will be interesting to see if the lopsided nature of the orders at the Paris Air Show force the company to announce something soon.


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