Boeing Shows off Launch 787

Boeing rolled out the first 787 destined for launch customer All Nippon Airways today at a ceremony in Everett Reuters reports.

“The plane is being certified to the highest FAA standards,” said Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager, 787 program. “But the real focus of the traveling public will likely be on customer satisfaction and the elegance of the flight…”

The interior of the first aircraft includes 264 seats — 12 business and 252economy — with personal television sets, roomier seats, an automatic toilet with a wash function, more storage, an arched entry way with a beverage bar, dimmable windows and larger lavatories.

Boeing is more than three years behind schedule with the 787 and with production issues causing concerns over the company’s ability to quickly get the plane into customers hands, Boeing still faces an uphill battle with the new plane. Today’s debut however indicates that Boeing is at least ready to deliver the revolutionary plane to customers.

Official delivery to ANA is expected to happen by the end of next month.

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