Boeing Postpones 747-8 Delivery Ceremony Over Contract Issue

Bloomberg is reporting that Cargolux will not receive its first 747-8 on Tuesday due to an unknown contractual dispute between Boeing and the European cargo airline.

Boeing had to cancel three days’ worth of ceremonies and events yesterday because of “unresolved issues” with Cargolux Airlines International SA, said spokesman Jim Proulx. The carrier was scheduled to fly its first load of freight on the new plane out of Seattle on Sept. 19 and take delivery of a second jet two days later.

Proulx declined to comment on the reason for the dispute, and Cargolux would only say today that there had been “contractual issues” that compelled its board, which met yesterday, to reject the planes.

With Boeing currently working on delivering two new planes, the brand new 787 and the re-designed 747-8, which are both years behind schedule, the last-minute setback with Cargolux represents a significant blow for the company trying to regain confidence with increasingly frustrated customers.

No new timetable has been set for first delivery and it is currently unknown whether this is a technicality that will take days to resolve or something that may take weeks or months.

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