Report: 787 Will Turn a Profit…In 2034

Much has been made about the struggles that Boeing faced in getting the 787 Dreamliner delivered to customers as the new plane experienced numerous delays and a work stoppage, putting it more than three years behind schedule. But with the new plane finally being delivered to customers, analysts have now turned to Boeing’s ability to make money off the revolutionary plane.

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, Airbus employee Javier Irastorza has analyzed the 787 and determined that it wil not be profitable for at least twenty years, maybe longer depending on Boeing’s ability to quickly mass produce the plane.

Irastorza bases his analysis on early buyers of the 787 getting an average 38 percent discount for the aircraft, meaning they paid $101 million to $104 million each. As he points out, those numbers are similar to those generated by aerospace blogger Jon Ostrower.

However, the first 58 aircraft are costing Boeing $310 million apiece, on a unit basis, Irastorza said.

The analysis should be taken with a grain of salt considering Irastorza’s works for Boeing’s largest competitor, but it does fall in line with similar predictions that the 787 will struggle for several years to make money. With nearly 900 orders for the new plane, it is nearly certain that Boeing will make a lot of money on the 787, it just isn’t clear when.

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