Airbus Orders Frenzy Continues as NEO hits 1,000

It seems almost silly to compare orders numbers between both Boeing and Airbus as though the two are in the same class. Airbus beat Boeing to the punch by announcing its plans for its narrow body fleet, the A320, several months before Boeing, which basically decided to do exactly what Airbus did and re-engine its 737 instead of build a new plane.

That decision has led to the European plane manufacturer to grab a stranglehold on its American counterpart with 1,000 orders for the NEO less than a year after its launch Reuters has reported.

Those 1,000 orders this year are nearly double the amount of order Boeing has received on all of its planes combined.

Airbus has recorded 1,372 total orders this year, more than doubling Boeing’s 538 during the same time period.

The bonanza is about twice what analysts and Airbus predicted a year ago when it unveiled a more fuel-efficient version of its bestselling jet, but worries about fuel prices have sent airlines scrambling for the A320neo.

Boeing will certainly make up some ground as it offers more details on its new 737, the 737 MAX, and as it shows off its revolutionary 787 which is finally being delivered to customers after years of delays. But the major question now is whether Boeing can make up enough ground to at least remain competitive. If not, it seems that Airbus is now firmly the world’s most admired airplane manufacturer with Boeing a distant second.

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One Response to Airbus Orders Frenzy Continues as NEO hits 1,000

  1. Flytime says:

    This is obviously commentary written by someone who clearly favors the Airbus brand. Why don’t you write some insightful commentary rather than copy and paste with your Airbus comments on the end? Thanks but no thanks.

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