Boeing Lands Second Massive Order in Four Days

Coming just four days after Emirates placed the largest commercial order in Boeing’s history, Indonesia-based Lion Airlines one-upped the Middle Eastern carrier with a $22 billion order CNNMoney reports.

The deal, which was $4 billion more than the $18 billion deal Emirates signed, includes 29 737-900s and 201 of the new 737 MAX. The order includes options for another 150 planes in the future.

“With 230 airplanes at a list price of $21.7 billion, this deal when finalized will be the largest commercial airplane order ever in Boeing’s history by both dollar volume and total number of airplanes,” according to a statement from Boeing.

Boeing could not confirm that the new 737 MAXs will be built in the United States, where the 737s are made. “We’re still evaluating our options right now,” said Boeing spokesman Doug Adler. “We’ll probably have better idea in 6 to 8 months.”


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