Airports and Airplanes was launched in January 2011. There are a lot of great commercial aviation blogs out there but I wanted to create a site that just featured the top 2 or 3 stories of the day because those are usually the stories I care most about. I love reading up on the aviation industry and sharing my thoughts on the day’s top news. I think that flight is one of the most fascinating experiences and I hope that my enthusiasm toward aviation shows in this site.

About me: I recently moved to Philadelphia from Colorado where I received degrees in Film and Journalism from the University of Colorado (Majoring in two fields that have  terrible job growth potential was maybe not the best idea…). I’m not an aviation expert but I have enthusiastically followed the industry since I can remember. And I’ve been obsessed with planes ever since I first connected through London’s Heathrow airport, one of the most exciting airports in the world due to the heavy volume of international flights from cities around the globe. There is a lot of exciting news going on in the industry now as company’s demand innovative solutions that lower costs and lessen the amount of fuel planes consume. With the largest commercial airplane, the A380, and the most fuel efficient, the 787, launching in the last decade, the future seems primed for new discoveries and even more fascinating inventions in the aviation industry going forth and I hope Airports and Airplanes will be there to cover it for a long time.

Poke around the site and feel free to contact me with any suggestions or feedback.


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