Airbus and Boeing Deliver More than 1,000 Planes in 2011

Airbus extended its winning streak to nine years over rival Boeing by delivering more commercial planes than its American counterpart again in 2011 according to Reuters.

Airbus delivered 534 planes in 2011 while Boeing delivered 477. Both companies have received large boosts to their order sheets over the last two years as airlines climb out of an economic crises that hit the industry especially hard.

The growth is a positive sign for the aerospace industry but it has come with some reservations as analysts worry that limited credit due to financial problems in Europe could make it difficult for airlines to finance orders and manufacturers to finance production.

2012 will be an interesting year as Boeing gets a full calendar year to produce its 787. The new plane has experienced production delays and it isn’t expected to account for a large share of Boeing’s total production for the year. Boeing has a very healthy backorder for the 787 and if it can ramp up production quick enough, it could be the plane that ultimately pulls the company out of its nearly decade-long clump to its European rival.


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  1. It will grow more this year that’s for sure.

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